Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Access for a price:

You may recall from past posts my absolute hatred of "Democratic Unity" events with a "pay at the door" policy. Simply put, you can't claim to represent all your constituents when your events are only open to those who can afford them.

As it turns out, it appears I have a kindred soul in this feeling in Nick Johnson, who has a great post up comparing Harkin's Steak Fry (elite only) to State Senator Bob Dvorsky's birthday party (all welcome).

I recognize candidates need money, but there's a correct and an incorrect way to ask for it. Nick has the details.



John Hulsizer said...

I am writing because I found this very interesting. On Friday I am doing exactly this, having a fundraiser right here in Dubuque. I am however having a FREE greet and meet with Senator Grassley. I grew up as a pastor's son, so I know very well what not having money is like. Most of my close and personal friends do not have the $50 - $100 per person to attend a fundraiser, just as many others in my community. I contacted Senator Grassley and asked if he would come to help me raise money here, I explained my idea of inviting all parties not just Republicans and not having a price to attend. Senator Grassley thought I had a fantastic idea and scheduled Dubuque as one of his very few, fund raising stops. My decision is based on getting the word out to as many people and if they decide to contribute, great and if not that's great too because they didn't have to pay to meet the Senator.

bacon said...

Bacon endorses John Hulsizer, simply based on this one idea. Risky, I know, but I think this is exactly what democracy needs.

matt said...

It's my understanding that you can either make a contribution to the Harkin Steak Fry or volunteer for admission...does this sound right?

KL Snow said...

I'm aware of other party events where this is the case, I'm not sure if it is for Harkin's or not.