Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morning roundup:

Four things of note this morning:

Via Radio Iowa: It seems like common sense, but apparently the DOC needs some help with it: If you put 1300 prisoners in a building designed to hold 850, you're going to need more staff, too.

Joe drew my attention to this one: Radio Shack recently laid off 400 workers by email. That seems pretty cold and impersonal, but also a bit uncreative. I mean, we're talking about a company that sells all kids of gadgetry. Couldn't they have sent a little robot to sing a "you're fired" song to the newly unemployed?

I had a praying mantis on the hood of my car as I was leaving for work the other day. I was in a hurry so I just brushed it off. Perhaps I would've behaved differently if I had known it had "ferocious claws of death," as the Register says. Of course, way down the page they reveal that the mantids are harmless, but nonetheless, they have ferocious claws of death.

Finally, if you've moved to Iowa since 1988, you should probably read Yepsen's history lesson on Joe Biden. I had the chance to meet him on Tuesday, and was fairly impressed, but I'm also concerned by the list of charges State 29 has run up against him.

Also, this the the 300th post on this blog. So, y'know, feel free to make your own streamers or party hats.


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