Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rules for submitting your own book/video game/wrestling show for listing in the sidebar.

I'll go in order on this:

Rules for wrestling shows:

I'm only going to list two months in advance. Right now, that means September and October. If you send me an event farther in advance than that, I'll hold on to it.

I'm unwilling to travel to (or list events) more than 250 miles from the 50311 zip code. Anywhere in Iowa is fine, Twin Cities is fine, Omaha is fine, but not Chicago or St. Louis.

Do not send me events until you have a confirmed location. I don't want to be pulling down/changing events once I've listed them.

If you've met all three criteria, email me at FFGKyle(at) to post your event.

Rules for books:

I'll read most things political or baseball related, within reason. For example, if you tell me to read Ann Coulter, I'll probably tell you to go away. I don't post on every book I read because sometimes I don't find much to post about. Also, I'm always five books or more behind on my reading list, so it may take me a while to get to your book, and if I'm bored halfway through it, I'll probably put it down.

Email me at FFGKyle(at) to suggest a book.

Rules for video games:

I'm not a fan of fighters or shooters. In fact, all I really play lately is RPG's and sports games. I have a PC, PS2 and Gamecube.

Email me at FFGKyle(at) to suggest a game.

There's the rules. I'll get back to politics now.



Gavin said...

Wrestling shows? Say what?

Chelsea said...

Read Bill Bryson, seriously. It's neither political nor baseball, but A Short History of Nearly Everything is great writing, and you'll learn something.

I also have tons and tons and tons of good political nonfiction if you're interested in expanding your, uh, repertoire.

Also, I just got The Tipping Point and Partly-Cloudy Patriot from Audible, so let me know if you're interested in listening to those.

I should just email you this stuff, but maybe someone else will want to know someday what book I told you to read several months after you opened it up for suggestions.