Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A quick run-around:

Some things I've found since coming to work this morning:

Clean Air Waterloo, listed on your right amongst the "lapsed blogs," did post this morning to let us know about their new website, which is either "Clean Energy Solutions" or "Community Energy Solutions," depending where you look on the site. They also have a link to this, Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, a faith-based group intended to promote conservation and improve energy efficiency. I wasn't waiting for God to tell me to conserve energy, but if you needed another reason, there you go.

The Des Moines City Council decided this morning to hold a special election to fill Archie Brooks' seat, and already four people are interested, prompting them to hold a primary before the special election. I guess if you were unsure on whether or not you'd like to be a city councilman, serving a 1-year term would be one way to find out. Given all the public outcry over this lately, the citizens of Davenport may want to elect all their city council members to one year terms.

Finally, Joe Kristan has posted Volume 5 of our debate on tax policy. We've reached agreement on one point: The Fair Tax is not the answer.


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