Thursday, August 03, 2006

Premature, crazy, unrealistic and just funny: Today's Register

Four things today.

The premature: David Yepsen says Mike Mauro is at a disadvantage in the Secretary of State's race. Right now, I'd say he has an advantage over the Republican nominee based solely on his continued existence. Chris Woods has more.

The crazy: Alden Link, a New York Republican, is running for the Libertarian nomination for president based on his "fat tax":

Then there's his idea to promote public health by levying a hefty tax penalty on anyone deemed to be obese.

The Libertarians don't care much for the idea, he admits, but he maintains the government interference is justified by the cost of treating obesity-related diseases.

I don't care much for the idea either. I'm struggling with my weight, but I bet I could still kick Alden Link's ass.

The unrealistic: Jim Nussle proposed a plan to create a network of Iowa (the state, not the University) alumni throughout the nation in an effort to bring them back.

Does anyone really think the millions of Iowans who have left are just waiting for a phone call?

The funny: This headline:

Stalker: Let's plan for growth

I guess I'm just more used to stalkers saying things like "Is this restraining order really necessary?"



Chris said...

A fat tax? Ye cats... He may have better luck imposing a tax on fast food joints and restaurants, thus forcing people to make their own deep-fat-fried Twinkies at home.

noneed4thneed said...

We do need a fat cat tax. The rich keep getting richer. Oh wait, he is talking about fat people? That is just nuts.

Chris Woods said...

Well, if he defines obese according to the BMI, Kyle and I might be ok. But I doubt he's that competent so I'm going to stick with the Democratic Party for now in 2008. Though I probably should keep trying to lose weight just in case I do feel compelled to vote for him...