Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Slow news day today:

I spent 2 hours in the chair at the dentist's office this morning, so I probably won't be posting a ton today, unless something huge happens to change my mood.

They did something new today that I've never had done before. First thing after they got me in the chair, they took out a little needle and prodded at my gums to check their depth.

Who the hell decided this is a good idea?

Imagine for a moment anyone else trying this. Imagine having a doctor look at your knee or back, pull out a needle and prod around to determine how far it is to the bone. We would never allow anyone but a dentist to do this. (Acupuncture doesn't count. There is nothing therapeutic about having needles in your gums.)

My dentist also has a TV in his office. During my two hours in the chair, I got to watch Tony Danza trade back surgery stories with a guest, then sing along with "The Wayne Gretzky of the Ukelele." Finally, the noon news started and I thought the worst was over, but I was wrong. I got to witness Channel 13's ongoing coverage of the eternal CIETC hearings.

I left with bleeding in my mouth that didn't stop for almost an hour. I'm not sure if it was from the dentistry or the TV.



The Real Sporer said...

Dr. Mengele.

cr said...

"The Wayne Gretzky of the Ukelele"??

Now there's a great line for the resume'.