Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Iowa Corn Growers to sponsor and promote waste of ethanol

From the WCF Courier:

Corn-based ethanol will power Indy cars when they race next year at the new Iowa Speedway, and an Iowa corn promotions group will help finance one of the speedway's biggest races, track officials said Tuesday.

Former NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace and Indy Racing League driver Jeff Simmons were at the Iowa State Fair to announce that the Iowa Corn Promotions Board will sponsor the Iowa Corn Indy 250 on June 24.

"It makes so much sense to have these race cars running on ethanol, a fuel that we don't have to go overseas to get, a fuel that is better for the environment and a fuel that makes some big-time horsepower," Wallace said.

As I've said before, the fact that Indy racing is driving up the demand for ethanol at a time when ethanol is in a shortage does not make me more inclined to support Indy racing. It's like having a group promote clean water by gathering people to dump shit in the river.



RF said...

Would you rather drive up the demand for Middle East oil? I personally don't care for any kind of car racing. But as long as it is happening, why not use ethanol?

Nicolai said...

corn is for food, not for cars.

besides, pandering is a pathological behavior.