Thursday, August 03, 2006

Presidential straw poll(s)

I see today that Common Iowan has a new poll up asking who you will support in the 2008 Democratic caucus. Go vote. I'll wait.

Also, I know Krusty has had a poll up for some time asking the same question about the Republicans.

Both polls raise an interesting question in my mind: Who don't you support?

Two new polls are on the right side of your screen, feel free to vote in both.



The Real Sporer said...

The Real Sporer has some polls (shameless self promotion)

cr said...

Nothing wrong with shameless self promotion...

Jazz trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison used to give this introduction:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the magnificent, the talented, the lovable, the effervescent, his eminence, Harry 'Sweets' Edison!"

He said, "If you don't love yourself, nobody else is going to love you."