Monday, August 21, 2006

Tidbits this morning:

Here are the things in my reading list this morning that were worth mentioning but didn't merit their own post:

It appears my post on, among other things, Aaron LaCock's letter to the Register about the dangers of anal sex drew the notice of Aaron LaCock himself, who commented. Before I could get back from Wisconsin and reply, Heather Youngblut made the point I would have made. Go check out the exchange, and as an aside, welcome back to the blogosphere, Heather, I'm hoping this means you'll be blogging again sometime soon.

While I'm on the subject of Aaron LaCock, a related note: Sometimes the wonders of the internet allow you to share the spotlight with sites with names like "Fields of Poopy." On that google search, I'm right below Poopy and above the Register. That seems about right.

About an hour and a half ago, someone got here by Googling jim leach opponent. I'm glad David Loebsack is taking the time to walk around in all the counties in his district and raise name recognition, but really, he should've been doing this while he was collecting all the petition signatures he didn't collect this spring.

On the subject of livestock, the Register has a good piece this morning combining the views of Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Network for Local Control, Iowa CCI, the Iowa State Association of Counties, a farmer from Inwood and Ed Fallon. Instead of interviewing all five, they published letters from all five together. The Register should do this more often: gathering opinions via letters means Tom Beaumont doesn't get to decide who gets more space.

That covers the small stuff. Now on to bigger things.


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