Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Three Register stories today

I'm back. Thanks to all of you who expressed concerns and told jokes about ferrets.

As an aside, I've added three more blogs to the list on your right. See if you can figure out which three they are.

Three things to read today:

1) I agree the Board of Regents' strategy needs to be examined, but I think in this case I can predict what they'll find: education funding sucks everywhere in Iowa right now.

2) Jim Leach laid out his plans for dealing with the replacement of a world leader who isn't going to be replaced anytime soon. I would've blogged about this yesterday if I hadn't been taking a break. Let's look at two key points in the Castro/Leach relationship:

a) Castro isn't dead. Yes, he's 80, but yesterday's surgery wasn't life threatening or even kinda dangerous. It was intestinal surgery. He'll be back on his feet momentarily and probably back in office by Monday.

b) When they need someone to deal with his successor, they probably won't call Jim Leach for advice.

Moving on.

3) Think your job sucks? It could be worse. You could be working as a member of the "elimination team."

I like eating with my dog. I do it at home. I can't imagine eating in a restaurant with 20 other people and their shedding, drooling, barking dogs. Yes, people love their dogs. I love my dog. No, that doesn't mean they should be allowed to take their dogs everywhere. Sorry.


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