Friday, August 04, 2006

Feingold's Universal Health Care Petition

I've signed it. You should too.



The Real Sporer said...

How will Feingold's plan avoid becoming an economically and medically inadequate bureaucracy like Canada or the UK.

I won't even bother to cite other Euro examples of social medicine because most of this audience is still sufficiently rational to understand that a sucessful nation wouldn't model social or economic policy after France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands etc.....

cr said...

Feingold's petition says:

"I believe that health care is a basic right that should be provided to all Americans. I support Senator Feingold's plan for a federally driven state administered program of universal health coverage that would work toward insuring every American."

I'm interested to know whether people agree that health care is a basic human right. If not, then what is it? A privilege? A luxury?

RF said...

The word "right" doesn't resonate well with many people, especially on the R side. So I wouldn't use that term. I feel healthcare is something that a smart, just and compassionate society provides for all its citizens. It's the right thing to do.

As to Mr. Sporer's comment, of course no healthcare system is perfect. There are incredible horror stories and facts about our system. Obviously, Europeans have their issues as well. The bottom line is, the cost/benefit ratio (total cost vs aggregate results) with most European universal systems is much, much better than ours. The only drawback is that I can't see how a true European-style "socialist" system could be politically sold in this country. You throw the term socialist around a few times, and I'm afraid any proposal along those lines will be dead. A more gradual approach may be the only realistic way to go.