Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tragic loss this morning...

For me, anyway.

This morning I was trimming the goatee I've had in one form or another since my senior year in high school when the trimmer got stuck somehow and yanked out a chunk of it by the roots.

I swore about as loudly as you'd expect. Then I had to shave the rest of it off.

It'll only take a week or two to grow back something comparable, but as I sit here right now with a strange cold spot on my chin where hair used to be, I can't help but wonder one thing:

If this had happened 6 months from now, when Chet Culver is governor, could I have applied to use Pension Fund money to work on the technology to grow it back faster?



Anonymous said...

Now there's a campaign plank: public funding for hair replacement!

Nicolai Brown said...