Friday, August 18, 2006

Good morning

Before I get to my usual morning routine (What's wrong in the Register today?), I wanted to encourage everyone to take a look at Nicolai Brown's last post at Ames Wire this morning. Nicolai and I have had some whole-hearted agreements and some relatively heated disagreements, but I'll miss him. Nicolai, thanks for all your hard work.

Now, on to the Register.

Homophobia is on the rise today, and the first two letters take two different tracks in showing it.

First, Aaron LaCock of Ankeny:

“Homosexuality cannot hurt anybody in a way that heterosexuality can’t.” And, “The fact is that every one of the health risks he identifies is equally true for heterosexuals.” ... For heterosexual men, dividing 5,149 by 124.2 million shows your chance, per year, is .004 percent to contract AIDS. This simple math calculation shows that you are at 50 times greater risk, per year, to contract AIDS if you engage in male-to-male sexual contact.

Then, Chuck McLaughlin of West Des Moines:

The rectum is not designed (by God or by nature — you pick) to be used as a sex organ.

Its lining consists of only a single layer of nonflexible, highly absorbent cells, which aids in the absorption of water and nutrients, but also makes it susceptible to tearing. Tears in this lining allow direct contact between the feces and the bloodstream.

There are health problems associated with this. Seventy-eight percent of homosexuals contract a sexually transmitted disease during their lives. Hepatitis (caused by fecal contamination) is epidemic among homosexuals.

I'm not sure I can make this any simpler. If you object to anal sex, then don't have it.

Maybe I can draw you a picture instead: I don't have studies on hand but my guess would be studies have been done showing that the repeated consumption of alcohol makes you more likely to commit domestic abuse, experience liver failure, drive erratically...etc. But we as a society don't ban alcohol. We encourage people to drink responsibly.

In this case, homophobes across the metro area oppose the gay lifestyle, so instead of encouraging responsibility, they're encouraging outlawing the practice. As an aside, does anyone really think banning gay marriage is going to deter gay sex?

Moving on: Cindy McDonald from Iowa Falls has decided coaches make too much money.

I propose the Register add a sentence about the salary earned by the athletic coaches at the major universities. Report how much of the salary is paid from the university budget as supported by tuition and taxes.

Coaches are faculty members and part of their salary is from the same budget as English and economic professors.

The problem is, that's simply inaccurate. Take, for example, Kirk Ferentz at the U of I. He makes millions of dollars annually, but he also has repeatedly taken the Hawkeyes to New Years Day bowl games. Those games alone generate new revenues for the University to the tune of millions of dollars.

Compare that to Baylor. I wasn't able to immediately find a salary for Baylor's head football coach, but it's safe to assume it's significantly less than what Ferentz will take home this season. I can tell you that Baylor has won a grand total of 5 games over the last two seasons, 2 in the Big 12. They have not reached a bowl game in several years, and their game attendance and TV revenue are dwindling.

So I guess the argument for competitive coaching salaries is simple in my eyes: Better teams generate more income, so if you can prove that spending more on a coach will improve the team, go for it. And if the coach doesn't produce, you're going to fire him anyway.

I'm off to Wisconsin again in a couple of hours, so unless something major breaks, this will be my last post until I return on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Yo, KL

If you would read my letter in entirity and not just cut and splice to make your point, you would find that I'm not a homophobe.

Bringing to attention a disease that is rampant among homosexuals is trying to help a situation. If I was scared, would I care?

The letter's I responded to were telling "common lies" that need to be broken. Ignorance will only increase the AIDS epidemic.

In no way, shape or form did I state that gays need to be banned. I would like all people to be aware of the dangers of promiscuous sex...which is the real cause of the AIDS epidemic. In no way am I trying to stop people from doing anything, just to be more knowledgable about their choices.

Peace...Aaron Lacock

Heather Youngblut said...

Aaron, the health issues you discuss are the result of not using trojans and astroglide, not anal sex in itself.

The Real Sporer said...

The use of the p.c. term "homophobia" is itself a distortion of the debate.

What does that mean? That there is some mental illness or syndrom that is manifested in the ther moral disapproval of homosexuality.

A tolerant society would permit homosexuality to exist without legal persecution-like the Taliban who burn homosexuals at the stake, but also express the disapproval through social norms and mores. The current "gay" movement is violating the social compact by attempting to place themselves in a position of approval and encouoragement that offends most people in our culture.

This disapproval can be expressed in many ways, and sadly not all are appropriate, legal or decent, but all are a response to the constant drum beat of attack on basic cultural premises, like marriage. This problem is worsened by attacks on the right of the, in the case enormous majority, to express such disapproval through the social coercion of the P.C. polic or being labeled as mentally ill or irrational ("homophobe").