Friday, August 04, 2006

How people got here (yes, again)

It's Friday afternoon, so statistics would suggest that not too many people are going to stroll by and read my rants today. (Except you, of course. Thanks for stopping by.)

As a reward for being one of the few who reads on a Friday afternoon, here's a list of things people have googled to get here since yesterday afternoon:

Current snow places: In the northern hemisphere, yeah, I guess I'm pretty much it.

Pronounce Evan Bayh: I know, I struggled with it at first too. It's pronounced "Buy," not "Bay."

Hyperpartisanship definition: I didn't define the term here, but how about some examples?

Gander Mountain: I bet I get 5-10 people every day who get here by googling some form of outdoor retailer, because of this post I wrote about them. Today, I've got several who just Googled "Gander Mountain," and one person from ISP "," who got here by Googling "cabela's and administrative ruling and tax and nexus."

So, there you go. Wasn't that fun?



The Real Sporer said...

Love your inclusion of polls. Its how we geeks all know who each other don't like.

Seriously, I very strongly want you guys to strongly discourage Vilsack from running for President.

As a very political state we have a chance to have the greatest political cycle ever in our history. We have a generation of stars coming to Iowa for our wide open nomination.

You can have it also, Clinton's coming out of evey orafice in a Mule's body. JFK (light), Biden, Evan Bayh, the whole gang.

But Vilsack screws the pooch and believe me, and you all know I'm right about this, I have as good a chance as Tom Vilsack to live at 1600 Pennylvania. All he can do is ruin the caucuses for you and as a good Iowan, who thinks first in the nation is worth dying for, I don't want that to happen.

cr said...

Thanks for the pronunciation tip on Evan Bayh's name. I was pronouncing it "war criminal".

Nicolai Brown said...