Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I'm reading today:

David Yepsen continues to pile on RAGBRAI, making this possibly the only week where I will ever agree more than I disagree. A good teaser quote:

When I casually asked her last week if she was going on RAGBRAI, she wrote a Saturday item reporting my comments about how we overdo our coverage. She quoted me as saying it was a waste of resources.

Actually, I said it was a "monumental" waste of resources.

John Sarcone's decision to come out and clarify his stance on Archie Brooks is a pretty stupid move. It's like confessing to another crime on your way out of prison. Join us tomorrow when he re-clarifies and gives us another front-page CIETC story.

When you start 5,000 cars on fire, it takes some time to put out. Who knew?

As an aside, I haven't heard any speculation on who may have caused the blaze, but I think I know...

Finally, the hardest interview to line up on Earth may be David Oman of the Ranforest project, but Kay Henderson was on a conference call with him yesterday and got this answer on how he could possibly find enough money to complete the project. It's a great read.



Nicolai Brown said...

You prefer reading police blotter?

Because on any given day, that's basically what the Register is.

Nicolai Brown said...

Okay, just read Yepsen's column.

All I can say is, what he wrote is far removed from my personal experience on RAGBRAI. It's also far from what I observed in other riders and badly (perhaps even not) researched.

When you agree with what he wrote, Kyle, are you speaking from personal experience?