Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Three things from today's Register, and a side note:

Continuing their theme of finding newsworthy things on RAGBRAI, today we have a whole story devoted to giant testicles. (Photo courtesy of Fallon for Governor)

Speaking of giant testicles, Archie Brooks still won't resign and Polk County Attorney John Sarcone won't go after him.

Imagine for a minute you hired a mechanic to handle the day-to-day maintenance of your car. The mechanic then allowed others to come in and work on your car unsupervised, causing your gas mileage to drop from 30 mpg to 4, and paid them about ten times the market rate for their time. Would you ever let that mechanic work for you again?

Archie Brooks isn't wasting your gas, though, he's wasting your money. And the Polk County Attorney refuses to even look into it.

Lastly, I don't know if someone on the Register's staff got robbed, or if there's a massive outbreak of harpaxophobia going around, but the Register simply will not stop reporting about robberies this summer. Today's latest revelation: Thieves will steal things from your house before it's even finished. Common Iowan has also noticed the trend.

Finally, I wanted to throw out a pitch for tonight's DFA Night School on Working the Mainstream Media. I'll be listening in. Check out Blog for Iowa for more details.


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Chris Woods said...

About those giant testicles, I wonder if David Yepsen found them worthy of the writing they got since he wanted to knock them off as a kid. The story's here and is quite interesting and humorous.