Thursday, July 27, 2006

One of these things is not like the others...

Six headlines in the "Breaking news" section of the WCF Courier front page right now. Five of them are as follows:

AP Interview: Andrea Yates' (who drowned her five children in a bathtub, reportedly because she thought she was Satan) ex-husband says prosecutors' case 'built on lies'

3 injured in roller coaster accident at Adventureland

Yates (see above) not guilty by reason of insanity in children's drownings

String of 'bizarre' killings leaves 9 dead in Seattle area

Man gets life sentence for killing Burlington drug center worker

And the sixth, you ask?

Report: Lindsay Lohan overcome by heat during LA movie shoot

Maybe what we need is a new definition of news.



cr said...

I rarely watch the local news on Des Moines stations. One evening, I did watch, and I was treated to a story about a large boulder that fell on someone's car in--well, you know it's not Iowa--Colorado.

The next item involved the closure of Fleur Drive. Certainly more mundane than the "Boulder smashes car" story, but useful to those of us who had to go to the airport the next day.

I might argue that two or three of the other breaking news stories shouldn't qualify as newsworthy. Sensational maybe, but not newsworthy.

What would be your criteria?

Anonymous said...

The courier isn't as useful online, because you shouldn't wipe your bum on a computer screen.