Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Four thoughts for this afternoon

Greetings and welcome to the 50314 zip code of Des Moines, where the local time is 4:28 and the local heat index is 114. I hope you didn't intend to play outside today.

I've got four things for you today:

1) According to TTLB, more people read this blog yesterday than ever before. So, if you're new, welcome. Make yourself at home.

2) If you're one of those people who believe the Governor has completely stopped paying attention to Iowa while he runs for President, here's some proof: It took him weeks of 90-degree heat before he issued a press release to let us know it's hot. On Friday it's supposed to be 73 for a high. Think he'll take credit for it?

3) Sometimes I miss things that people post in the comments of other blogs, because I read the story once and then wander off. I'm glad Bacon alerted me to the debate over this post at Political Forecast, which I think says a lot about the candidacy of Leonard Boswell.

4) Also, make sure you check out the comments on this post, where RF and some others, including myself, have debated whether or not Russ Feingold is a polarizing figure and whether or not he is someone the country could unite behind. I tend to think he's exactly what the Democratic party needs to generate independent support, but RF doesn't. Feel free to weigh in.


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The Real Sporer said...

Yes, Vilsack is just Clinton without the chicks. A genius at self promotion and absolutely a zero as a leader.