Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Had the chance to see Mark Warner today

Took a long lunch break to see Mark Warner (campaign page, Wikipedia) stump for Chet Culver this afternoon. The crowd was probably in the 40-50 range, which is pretty good for a daytime Tuesday event.

Before I could hear Warner speak, though, Culver opened with this line:

"It's great to see so many people coming together to beat Jim Nussle!"

I can't adequately express my frustration.

Anyway, after going on for way too long, Culver gave the floor to Warner, who produced the following notables:

Before becoming governor, Warner helped 400,000 Virginians receive health care. If anyone can provide proof/details, please let me know, because I'd hate to just throw that number out with no credibility like the press does when they say Vilsack created 25,000 jobs.

Warner seems to think America is capable of great things but no one has called upon them to do it. I find that interesting. Perhaps I'll stew on it some more and produce something deeper later.

Warner acknowledged Culver, Attorney General Tom Miller, and Ed Fallon, but failed to acknowledge Denise O'Brien, who was standing in the front row with her arms crossed the whole time.

Lots of elected officials in attendance, including State Senators Jack Hatch and Dick Dearden, as well as the above mentions.

Also lots of people who were on the payroll of the IDP. They were also the first to arrive, leading me to wonder if they were sent by the bosses.

Anyway, perhaps more depth later, but for now, a quick impression on Warner: I liked him. He seems genuine enough, and his apparent campaign theme of "A fair shot for everyone" resonates with me. Maybe at some point I'll get to hear more from him and I'll have more to add.



Chris Woods said...

With regards to Culver's introduction, doesn't the fact that he talked about his Senior Year Plus program and its education implications at least somewhat negate the problems with just emphasizing the "beat Nussle" line? Isn't that what you were looking for in your previous post? I think Culver is doing that by emphasizing the number one thing Iowa Democrats want to see (Jim Nussle being beaten) with policy alternatives that can improve education in Iowa. Sure there are other things, but like you said, if he had talked more about them he could've been even longer.

Nicolai Brown said...

Yeah, we wouldn't want politicians to focus on the issues.

bacon said...


He wouldn't have won the primary if he had tried to talk about issues. The only candidate to do that finished third.