Friday, July 21, 2006

Not much going on today...

But I will point out the poll on the front page of the WCF Courier. The question: Did the United States make a mistake in invading Iraq?

After 1028 votes, it's dead even. Go make your voice heard.


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The Real Sporer said...

The only mistake is the lack of severity of the war effort.

War is all hell, Sherman was right, so lets make it so hellish the enemy gives up. Its the only way a war ends.

Anything less and we only have an armistice, a period without active conflict but with an intention to resume hostilities at the most convenient moment.

So why would we allow the Islamfascists in Lebanon to recover from the current battering. Why would we stop the massacre of the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan just to allow the enemy respite.

We need to deal with Syria before W leaves office beause the next guy might lack the nerve.