Monday, July 17, 2006

The last word on Bayh

Within the last hour I've spoken to Ryan Alexander from All America PAC and read the comments by Chris Woods on my previous post, both of them seem to feel that I reacted a little too quickly/harshly to my situation with Bayh.

They're both probably right. I talked for several minutes with Ryan and I think that, given the situation to do over again, we'd both handle things a little differently. I apologize for flying off the handle, but I also feel that I had reason to be frustrated with the way I was handled.

Anyway, that's that and it's time to move on. Regular posting will probably resume late tonight or tomorrow morning.


1 comment:

Nicolai Brown said...

No reason to let partisans shame you.

You called it the first time -- why drive 344 miles when you're not feeling well? Your life and your health are yours!

And on a personal note, I have doubts about their honesty.