Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New poll on RAGBRAI

Last week, 36% of you thought drunken driving with no injuries should carry penalties including a temporary suspension of license, but not a permanent revocation. Second place was a tie between "Permanent revocation of license" and "Re-election to the Senate." Thanks for voting.

Today I put up a new poll on RAGBRAI. Go weigh in.



Chris said...

RAGBRAI? Are they having that AGAIN? Didn't they just have one last year?

To be honest, I hadn't heard a single peep about RAGBRAI until a friend mentioned it in an e-mail last Friday. Had he not said anything I wouldn't have known that there were, like, 35,000 bikers ten miles away from me. I really hadn't heard anything at all about it.

Nicolai Brown said...

Just got back from RAGBRAI! I fell in love... riding into Muscatine this morning with all the cheering people on sidewalks, and all of their sprinklers and water hoses, was exhilarating. It was pure joy...