Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I'm reading today...

Four things worth noting:

Gavin is back, and while most of his posts have been about the Lamont/Lieberman race in Connecticut, which doesn't need any extra attention, he did provide this response to a ridiculous email from the Nussle campaign.

Denise O'Brien has a blog I'm adding to the links on the right. It's not much for content, but it does have a lot of pictures, so, y'know, if you're into maximum pictures with minimal content, go check it out.

David Yepsen also has a blog. The RSS feed doesn't work, but so far the content is decent. Yepsen takes a beating around the blogosphere, sometimes deservedly so, but he does have access to people most of us will never have access to, and as a result, he's sometimes ahead of the curve.

Finally, the Register has a pretty good editorial today pointing out the hypocrisy of Jeff Lamberti's decision to blame Leonard Boswell for record deficits. I know the Boswell campaign is excited about this: they emailed me this morning to make sure I saw it. The question is, now that Lamberti is lampooning the budget process and blaming all responsible, how does Nussle feel about it?


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