Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breaking news:

I'm hearing from the O'Brien campaign this morning that Mark Warner, during his visit to Iowa earlier this week, cut the campaign a check for $10,000 to help Denise win her race for secretary of ag.

In an ideal world, huge campaign contributions like this wouldn't be necessary, but in our current world, donations like this from presidential candidates could be what it takes to get Denise over the top.

It's also great to see this after noting that Warner, as other candidates often do, completely failed to acknowledge O'Brien at the event earlier this week.



Chris Woods said...

Didn't he recognize her during his speech when he mentioned her by name and even put his hand on her shoulder? Maybe it wasn't the type of recognition she was looking for in the beginning, but she did get recognized. And props to Warner for dropping off some dough.

KL Snow said...

He did, at one point, directly point to her and say her first name.

But with that said, he acknowledged name and office for Fallon, Culver and tom Miller at least 4 times, the only time he acknowledged Denise was the one time he said her first name.


Chris Woods said...

Fair points.