Friday, July 28, 2006

Five things to read today:

So we've all had this moment. We're living in a place where the doors lock behind us, and we're just out of the shower, or there's a knock on the door, or we're drunk off our asses and see something outside, so we go outside to look. And the door closes behind us.

Some of us take a towel with us, but apparently not this guy, whose neighbors called the police. Now he gets his own Register story. Tom Alex wins today's anti-Pulitzer for the coverage.

Nick Johnson responded a few days ago to a post I wrote about a post he wrote about TIF districts, where I made a joke about his lack of brevity. This letter writer in today's Register has the opposite problem.

Does this mean that if we could do it all over again, we'd arm our navy ships with ethics and accountability instead of cannons?

Typo headline of the day: "GOP hustles to fill opening in race candidate." Seeing as it's the GOP, my guess is the "race" involved is probably caucasian.

The follow-up story for this piece will probably be "Teenagers scramble to clean up before Mom gets home."

For the third time in July, yesterday I set a record for most visits to my blog in a day. So thanks for that. Keep reading, and I'll keep trying to make it interesting.


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