Monday, July 17, 2006

A quick good morning post:

Good morning one and all, sorry if you missed me over the weekend, I had a busy schedule. Without going into too much detail:

I'm still the only person on Earth who likes both politics and pro wrestling. As such, Saturday night I attended the 3XW Anniversary Show in Waukee. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sunday morning I was up at 5:45 and on the road at 6:30 to catch two Feingold events in eastern Iowa. I took seven pages of notes and will post on them later today, but while you're waiting for that, check out coverage in Iowa for Feingold and the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, or if you want to read some worthless tripe about how Feingold will only appeal to anti-war types, here's the Register's piece.

I caught Feingold events in Clinton and Davenport, and while in Davenport, I promised someone I'd use my space to help promote this event today. There you go.

Then I came home, and I've been living far too long with one window unit air conditioner on the top floor of a brick building with all westward-facing windows. So after 8 hours in the car yesterday, I went to Target and picked up another one. Yesterday morning when I woke up it was 87 in the apartment, even after cooling all night. Today, it's 81. I'm calling that progress, but it came at a cost. I sliced the crap out of my right thumb installing it. So, no video games for me for a couple of days.

Wings and baseball with an old roommate is a Sunday tradition, so we did that at about 10:30 last night, then I came home and went to bed. With the new AC, I slept better than I have since I was in Wisconsin. That brings us up to now.

A couple of things I'm reading this morning:

Someone is inspiring the phrase "compassionate conservative" again, but even Iowa Ennui is skeptical.

If you're one of 1,400 people who gathered at Merle Hay Mall on Saturday morning to try to get on national TV and be embarassed by Howie Mandel, I'm not sure I want to be your friend anymore. Seriously, that's just sad. How desperate do you have to be for your 15 minutes of fame and the possibility of winning $6 to camp out overnight outside Merle Hay Mall to be mocked and humiliated by the voice of Bobby Generic?

Of course, you can always scroll down the right side of the blog to check my status on my weight loss plan. Yesterday morning I was down 2 lbs, but apparently yesterday was a bad day. I'll probably cheat the system a bit and update that with my new weight after my planned trip to the gym this morning.

Other things on tap for today:

It's Monday, and that means we need a new Monday poll. So if you haven't voted in this one yet, or want to vote again, I'd say you should do it now.

A full report on my visits with Feingold yesterday.

I know Evan Bayh is in town for a "major speech" at 1, I'm not sure if I'm attending or not (I'll explain later).

So stay tuned, it should be a busy day. But for now, I'm off to the gym.



noneed4thneed said...

Maybe politics would be better if they used some body slams and clotheslines every once in awhile.

Nicolai said...

Agreed, except replacing "they" with "we."