Monday, July 10, 2006

Maybe not what you came here for, but nonetheless...

I've decided it's time for a change.

As many of you have met me know, I'm overweight. I clocked in this morning at 5'10", 247.4 lbs. It's been a pretty constant struggle for me for a long time. I remember going home from college once, weighing myself and being shocked by the fact that I had ballooned to 217 lbs. Then I had to start moving up from XL to XXL clothes. When I broke 240, I swore it was time to change. I gave up ice cream and deep fried foods and started going to the gym every other day. And I lost 13 lbs.

Then I started working more leading up to election day, and as a result I stopped going to the gym. And I put 20 lbs back on.

This morning I read Ennui's post about Democrats and how they blather about Social Security but can't fix the problem. And I realized I've been doing the same thing with my weight for years.

So here's the new plan. On your right, below the blogroll and the newspapers, is my current weight. I'll do my best to update it every day, good or bad. I'll also keep you posted on what I'm doing about it.

(As an aside, I've got the greatest job ever. I just called the office to ask if I need to come in right away or if I could sneak in a trip to the gym before work. I was told to take my time. Seriously, who gets away with calling in fat?)



Bob said...


And congrats! THe hardest thing I ever did was publically admitting how much I weigh, though the stigma is worse for women, it is still tough all around.
Good Luck.

Chelsea said...

And that's why I voted Alliger twice.

I mean, that's why Ed and Lynn are so great.

Word up to being healthy, though. Call me if you need counseling about any more life decisions.

Rob Sand said...

Go Kyle Go! I'll gladly be your disc partner. But you'll have to run in place when I'm throwing.

Seriously, this is a great idea. Good luck!

Nicolai Brown said...

Good post, Kyle Lobner!