Monday, September 11, 2006

Six reads from the weekend:

Today's holidays:

Catalan Day (Catalonia, Spain)
Liberation Day (Micronesia)

And no, I'm not going to do what every other blogger is doing and offer 9/11 memories today. I acknowledge 9/11 was an important historical moment, but after five years of exploitations of the event and God Bless America at every baseball game for the rest of eternity, I've had enough.

Instead, I'll offer you some things to read while waiting for your Catalan Day events:

A thief walked out of Wal Mart Saturday night carrying a flat-screen TV. Two thoughts:

1) Never has the phrase "Wake Up Wal Mart" been more appropriate.

2) To attempt to walk out of a retailer carrying something as large as a big screen TV, you don't just have to carry the TV. You also have to carry giant testicles.

This is one of many reasons I don't want children.

I've been a harsh critic of the practice of live-blogging, mainly because I don't feel most events are important enough to have minute-by-minute recaps. As an example of the alternatives to liveblogging, I give you this post from John Deeth. It's well thought out, it has pictures, the jokes are funny and it's an easy read. Kudos.

Via Joe: The 2006 Elections: A New Exciting Oatmeal Experience.

Richard Doak wants to lower tuition for non-Iowans, hoping it'll talk them into staying. State 29 says lowering tuition for non-Iowans would just invite more degenerates into the state. Flatly, Doak is right, State is wrong.

I went to Drake with a lot of people from other places. It's true that the people from bigger cities usually left after graduation, although I don't know any that were charged with sexual assault. The people I went to college with who love Iowa, on the other hand, almost universally came from a small town somewhere else. Why not give more kids like me an opportunity to start fresh somewhere else and experience Iowa? It seems logical to me.


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