Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If Joe can make the oatmeal joke, I can make this one:

David Goodner (of the Midwest Left Review) wants the University of Iowa to pay an artist to paint a mural in a tunnel between IMU and EPB, whatever those are.

The downside: If the University is paying someone to do it, that likely means the taxpayers are paying someone to do it, and most taxpayers won't want to pay to paint a tunnel between two acronyms they can't identify.

The upside: Watching the paint dry would be more entertaining than the gubernatorial race.

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John Neff said...

The paint the tunnel to confine the graffiti to the tunnel. If the tunnel is completely covered with graffiti they will not write or paint over it they will do it someplace else.

I used to walk though that tunnel almost every day and it was very interesting to see how quickly the freshly painted surface was filled.

FYI IMU is Iowa Memorial Union and EPB is the English Philosphy Building.

The Real Sporer said...

Its the mufuggin graffiti capital of Iowa. Its a huge Hawk tradition. I know a prominent Republican chairman who painted what he thought was some pretty funny stuff in there a time or two (might even have urinated on his way back to Quadrangle from the freshman girls in Burge when he was a sophmore). The statute of limits has run on both of those kids, like 24 years ago.

If it wouldn't hurt my football seats I would reduce my donation next year. And I will personally bitch to every Republican legislator about this if we spend one UofI dollar on this repressive, P.C. idiocy. If we've got money to piss away like that I say we divide the cost of the "mural" and give every student a pro rate tuition rebate in that amount.

This really pisses me off!