Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday, September 25 is...

Tzom Gedalya (Judaism)
Republic Day (Rwanda)
Heritage Day (South Africa)


The day after Rosh HaShana, the third day of Tishrei, is the Fast of Gedalya. The Gemora in Rosh HaShana explains that we first see this fast mentioned in Zecharia 8:19, when the verse speaks about "...the fast of the seventh...." As the seventh month (starting from Nissan) is the month of Tishrei, the fast mentioned in that verse is referring to Tzom Gedalya, the third day of Tishrei. (See #s 27 and 30 for more information on this verse.) On this day, the Gemora says, Gedalya ben Achikam was killed by Yishmael ben Nesania. The Gemora concludes that this fast teaches us that the death of a righteous person is on par with the burning and destruction of the Holy Temple.

I think it's fitting that a holiday created because of a killing also happens to share its date with South African Heritage Day.

It's also fitting that this would be the day I refer to State 29 and Political Forecast's little snit over Democratic heritage.

Here's something important for all of us to remember: political parties evolve. And while it may be interesting (or at least easy) to criticize segments of a party or group based on what they stood for 50 years ago or more, I think it's more important to discuss what they stand for now.

Simply put: history is relevant, but don't paint history and the present with the same brush. What Democrats and Republicans were up to 50 years ago is rarely relevant to votes being cast today.

Moving on: Iowa Ennui has a wish list for the 47 days that remain until Election Day. I want most of the things on her list, too.

As if debate on the minimum wage, car title loans and the cigarette tax wasn't enough, we can add anti-bullying legislation to the list of things Chris Rants is blocking in the House.

Remember the last guy who won the Powerball in Iowa? I heard a rumor on that day that David Oman was calling around trying to find that guy to get him to invest in the Rainforest project. I wonder if he's doing the same to this poor sucker lucky winner.

Roosevelt hasn't had a permanent home stadium for football games since leaving Drake in the 1960's, until this year. Now, they're playing their home games at newly remodeled Drake Stadium. It's a great setup for the university and the school, but people will always find something to whine about.

Finally, lots of groups are skeptical about both major party candidates for governor of Iowa, but the Register caught up with one specific group over the weekend: Veterans.

I may be back with more later today. My mom's still in town, though, so for now we're back to sightseeing.


PS. In case you're curious, yesterday was...

Independence Day (Guinea-Bissau)
Constitution Day (Cambodia)

And Saturday was...

Rosh Hashanah
Lewis and Clark Day

National Day (Saudi Arabia)

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