Monday, September 04, 2006

Nick Johnson works through the holiday:

While many bloggers (including myself) stepped away for the 3-day weekend, Nick Johnson was on fire:

I think this post is the best critique of the problems with the Democratic party I've seen in some time.

This post perfectly identifies the difference between cutting taxes and spending responsibly.

This post appears to be a work in progress, but it serves as an effective checklist for when government intervention (Big government, for our Republican friends) is both acceptable and necessary.

All of them are worth a full read. As for me, I'm headed to bed soon and have a dentist appointment at 8:45 Tuesday morning, so I'll probably be back and snarky as all hell by noon.



Bob said...

Just saw this:

Pirates for Congress, rightous, dude.

John said...


P.S. Am I chopped liver here? TWO liveblogs AND a rant over the weekend... :)