Thursday, September 14, 2006

Late Thursday roundup:

Sorry for the late start today, I slept in this morning and have had a few things come up at work.

Thursday, September 14 is:

San Jacinto Day (Nicaragua)

San Jacinto Day is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto in 1856. It's not related to the San Jacinto Day celebrated in April in Texas, although that day is also the anniversary of a Battle of San Jacinto, which took place in 1836.

Some other things that aren't related:

The Des Moines School Board election
drew out just 7,757 people, the least since the 2001 elections, which were held on 9/11. All told, it's not surprising people would stay home for this one, considering:

Three candidates were running for two seats, and the most controversial incumbent (Ako) had already decided not to run,

The airwaves are already crammed with full spin from both gubernatorial campaigns, and

Both the school board and state elections are getting overshadowed by the nearly 25 potential presidential candidates and their travel plans.

I've typically avoided Krusty because much/most of his time is wasted on pointless slams and choir-preaching, but posts like this one from today make him a must-read. It's the best analysis I've seen of early fundraising for presidential candidates. Sadly, it's right-only, but it's still interesting.

That's all for now. If you haven't yet, go vote in my poll.


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