Friday, September 29, 2006

Keep up on the essentials:

If you haven't been watching the growth and expansion of Essential Iowa, you should be. Jay Wagner is doing a great job of compiling some of Iowa's history, attractions and events into a package that doesn't leave that nasty IDED aftertaste.

Some things worth noting on the site right now:

On Tuesday, Jay attended Iowans for a Better Future's Higher Education Summit and offers a full report. Somehow, it appears all of us in the blogosphere missed this one.

If you're in the Dubuque area, you may want to check out this tour of bed and breakfasts. I wish I could.

I discovered the Tuscany Beef and Spinach recipe on the recipes page about a month ago. I've made it three times since then, and probably would have made it more often if it wasn't impossible to get spinach. I'm not sure I'd recommend the Chocolate Chirpy Chip Cookies, but to each his own.

Finally, bookmark the events page and check it every week, like I do. Every week I find a new event I didn't even know was going on. Last week I did the Sherman Hill Historic Homes walking tour, and it was great. There's probably something on there this week for you.


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