Friday, September 29, 2006

A quick meta-blog note:

I've pulled State 29 from the links on your right, largely due to his inability to remain "insightfully vulgar," instead just moving down to vulgar. This post was the nail in the coffin, but calling for Tom Harkin to die in a plane crash and his recent obsession with college-age porn didn't help.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you gotta admit that ISU just invited the cesspool of CU into its administration.

Yuck. They would have done no worse had they called on Larry Eustachy to chair the dry VEISHA committee.

KL Snow said...

That's really not the point. The blogosphere shouldn't be a contest to see who can stoop the lowest.

Hoffman could be a good hire, a bad hire or a terrible hire, and I'm fine with that debate. The post in question isn't a debate. It's a vulgar, personal slam.

Sadly, it's also exactly what I've come to expect from the source.

Kevin Schmidt said...

Hey, I can stoop lower than that...


Chris said...

Kudos for maintaining some semblance of gentlemanship. We need more of that.