Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 4 is...

Independence Day (LeSotho)
Peace Day (Mozambique)
St. Francis of Assisi

Some less than saintly activities to report on today:

In the increasingly laughable Clive red-light camera situation, less money was made in September than August. When the program started, Clive needed over 1,100 people each month to run red lights and get caught to get the expected revenue. That's slightly less than 1 in every 10 Clive residents getting busted every month. Now, though, we have an even bigger surprise: after the red light cameras have appeared in the Register daily for almost a week, fewer people are running red lights. Shocking.

According to Tim Cox of R&R Towing, investigating inside dealings is "not worth your time."

Also not worth your time: building new prisons. Especially when we're just going to catch drug offenders, fail to get them treatment and release them to re-offend. Culver and Nussle want to spend money on more prisons anyway, though.

Finally, John Mauro's residence may be outside his County Supervisor district, but it's ok, because he's telling the county he lives with his sister. How can people possibly re-elect this guy?


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