Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday, October 19 is...

Samora Machel Day (Mozambique)
Constitution Day (Niue)

Three things today:

Tom Alex from the Register must just be camping out at Wal Marts waiting for people to steal something lately. Click here to read today's installment about a man who tried to hide a TV under his groceries.

While I'm on the subject of police, you may notice I've pulled down the link for David Goodner's Press-Citizen blog, Straight Out of the Cornfield. I made the decision to do that based on this post from this morning, titled "Who do they serve and protect? Not you." In it, Goodner refers to the police as "The Iowa City Pig Department" and suggests that police are more interested in writing tickets for jaywalking and underage drinking than preventing sexual assault. He also wrote this post, titled "Only men can end rape." That's flatly unacceptable. I'm not sure why the Press Citizen continues to publish him, but I'm done with him.

Finally, Gavin announced last night that he's closing down his blog. Gavin is a great writer and will be missed.


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