Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Good morning.

I downloaded the New Mozilla Firefox yesterday, meaning every time I click on a link, it opens in a new tab. I had forgotten why I hate that.

Then, this morning, I was gathering links to write my morning roundup post, clicked the X to close one of them, and accidentally closed them all. So no morning roundup post today.

And to be honest, in all likelihood, that's probably all I would have written today. I've got a wide variety of things keeping me busy right now.

1) I'm moving. I'm only moving 3 blocks, but I get the keys to my new place on the 15th, and have to be out of my old place by the 30th, with a trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving in the middle. So that's on my mind a lot.

2) Election Day. There's actually two things that this impacts:

a) There are lots of people I could be helping with the time I'm spending here, and

b) Most of the political news I would write about is already being covered to death.

3) Wrestling. I'm going to Mankato on Thursday, maybe to Illinois this weekend, and 3XW is back in Ottumwa on the 18th, so that's on my mind a fair amount too.

So, with that said, I'm going on hiatus until at least election day, when one of those three factors will have passed.

I'll be back eventually.



Anonymous said...

Try this: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Session_Restore

The Real Sporer said...

Hurry back dude, but the next week is going to be crazy busy.

I'm out of town for a trial tomorrow night and Friday-feel your pain.

Chris said...

I have to admit, I didn't think you actually MEANT it... It's been, like, days and days with no post.