Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More on why your money doesn't matter.

A few weeks ago, I think I surprised some people a bit by advocating for small donors to hold on to their money and not waste it on campaigns where it will be a drop in the bucket.

Moments like this are exactly why. The Democratic Governor's Association pledged to donate another $150,000 to Chet Culver today. This is their third donation to Culver, raising their total to $1.15 million.

There's no way I can argue my donations are relevant when groups like the DGA give candidates more than I'm on pace to take home in the next 50 years.


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The Real Sporer said...

As the Polk GOP Chair I can tell you that your $50 will help our party very much.

Make your check for $10-$50 payable to the Polk GOP and mail it to 621 East Locust St, DSM, IA 50309.

You will get an original signed thank you card from the Chairman.