Thursday, October 19, 2006

Help Mike Mauro win Pick a Progressive Patriot!

A blog reader, fellow Tapper, and Mike Mauro staffer sent me this email this morning:

Hopefully you can add this to your blog as we are participating in Sen. Feingold's Progressive Patriots contest. The highest number of votes on his poll will receive $5,000 from his PAC.

We could use all of the votes we can get. As you know, Sen. Feingold has been very generous to candidates running for the Iowa Senate. Let's keep up the generosity for Iowa!

Go vote and help Iowa elect someone with the experience and integrity to get the job done as our next Secretary of State.



Joe said...

You mean Feingold's running for Secretary of State?

The Real Sporer said...

Feingold's not the clean gene you think. Take a real good hard look at shit like McCain-Feingold, especially some of its real small print and you might fall a little out of love with Russ.

You guys should nominate Mark Pryor and we could nominate MIke Huckabee and just have a Razorback Hog Wrestle saving us all two years of hellish work and conflict.

BTW, Pryor Landrieu wouldn't be a bad ticket for he Ds.