Thursday, October 12, 2006

All about food this morning

Working from home this morning, so I'll have to come back to today's headlines.

Instead, this morning's post is all about the race for Secretary of Ag. In case you've missed it, Farm Bureau is rather upset about Denise O'Brien's intention to serve Iowa, not them, so they've gone negative and taken to the mail, telling members that Denise is "not a friend of traditional agriculture." That's bullshit.

There's no policy talk in the letter, and there's no specifics on Denise. It's simply a slam. So yesterday, Denise did the right thing. She got some disgruntled Farm Bureau members together to talk about it and show that while the organization's leadership may be taking the slimy path, many of the organization's members aren't. You can read coverage of the press conference in the Register, on Radio Iowa, and at Political Forecast.

Hopefully now that this has been covered, we can get back to a real issue: the fact that food safety concerns like the recent one with spinach could have a dramatic impact on our food security if we don't do more to protect ourselves.


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