Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday, October 3 is...

Morazan Day (Honduras)
Foundation Day (Korea)
Germany Unity Day

Let me start off with one key point: I didn't watch the debate last night, and if you did, you probably made a mistake. If you're an undecided voter, sorry, I wasn't talking about you. But the rest of you, especially those of you that wrote headlines like "Chet totally wins!" in your blog post after the debate, wasted your time.

You see, if you're a partisan, odds are you already know who you're going to vote for. You've decided you like Culver's utter lack of responsibility dashing good looks or Nussle's potential for fiscal disaster leadership experience, and you're effectively done with the game. So if you're still playing it and analyzing the carnage created when two terrible candidates repeatedly stumble over, attack and attempt to out-clever each other, I don't understand you.

Other notes from today:

You can tell we're bored with candidates when David Yepsen starts suggesting write-in alternatives.

Couple steals man's car, forces him to sign over title: Thankfully police intervened before the robbers took him to the bank to apply for a second mortgage as well.

Maybe I'm channeling Nicolai Brown, but this story feels like free speech in question. If these posters were about anything that's not anarchy, would anyone care?

A debate is building about the proper nickname for Clive residents. Some prefer Clivers, Clivites or Clivitians. I tend to prefer "people who got tricked into buying red light cameras."


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