Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Skanderbeg Day (Albania)

From Wikipedia:

George Kastrioti
(born Gjergj Kastrioti, May 6 (disputed), 1405 - January 17, 1468), better known as Skanderbeg (Turkish:─░skender Bey), is one of the most prominent historical figures in the history of Albania and the Albanian people. He is also known as the Dragon of Albania and is the national hero of the Albanians. He is remembered for his struggle against the Ottoman Empire, through the work of his first biographer, Marin Barleti.
Moving on. Short reads today, as I need to get to work:

Two important questions today, and they both involve Sen. Obama's presidential "exploration." First, Popular Progressive answers the question I've asked before: "Aside from being a rock star, what does Obama stand for?"

Then, Leftist Logic asks another interesting question: Is this the right time for him to run?

That's all for now. No, I'm not going to waste your time with CIETC crap today. You could get that anywhere.


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John Neff said...

I have been attending caucus since 1968 and I think
most people who attend are highly motivated and will stand their ground. It is not like voting and going home for supper. They have to be there for a number of hours and make a lot of on-the-spot decisions.

Everyone knows who Clinton is so she does not have the name recognition problem that someone like Dodd has. Maybe the reason she is not leading the pack is that people don't support her.