Friday, January 05, 2007

META: New sidebar addition


As I mentioned earlier, when I find new Iowa blogs, I usually watch them for a while to see if they present me with anything worth linking before I add them to the sidebar.

Leftist Logic made the cut today with this post on Vilsack's presidential aspirations and one of the things they'd like to see him do with his remaining time in office. Excellent work. Keep it coming.

UPDATE: I'm excited to report he got his wish. The Register and Radio Iowa are reporting that Vilsack has commuted the sentence from 50 years with a minimum of 35 years to 50 years with a minimum of ten years. I think that's fair. The fact that she's still serving ten years, which many will overlook (and already have in comments section of the Register story), remains as a statement that murder is still not ok, but the reduction from 35 years to ten on the minimum sentence shows some mercy and understanding for the terrible situation that led Dixie Duty to do what she did.


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The Real Sporer said...

Sounds like the sonofabitch deserved it. I'd probably just let her go now. My wife just told me the story, got no use for girl hitters.

Instant karmas gonna get you if you hit those girls very hard.