Tuesday, January 02, 2007

META: Adjusting the sidebar

I usually pride myself in having the most frequently updated blogroll in the Iowa blogosphere, but it had been a month or two since I had checked the list of blogs on the right for activity, so I have a few changes to make:

I've pulled Bill Dix, Dave Nagle, Denise O'Brien and New Iowan, as all four have ceased posting.

I've added Iowa Daze, New Iowan's new blog.

I've moved Side Notes and Iowa Ennui to lapsed. It's been months for Side Notes and almost a month for Ennui. I'll move them back if they resume posting.

If you've got a blog I should be reading, feel free to leave it in the comments. Usually when I find a new blog I watch it for a few weeks, and if I find something worth linking to I'll add it to the 'roll.



Gark said...

Try this one:

It's Iowan, It's good.

KL Snow said...

That's one of the blogs I'm watching right now. Thanks,