Friday, January 12, 2007

READS: Friday, January 12 is...

Zanzibar Rev. Day (Tanzania)
Memory Day (Turkmenistan)

Sadly, it's not a real memorable news day.

Stivers Ford in Waukee hit the jackpot today, though: They bought some air time late at night on a channel that Mediacom customers can't get and early in the morning on a station no one watches, and the Register wrote a story on it. Maybe I'll buy half an hour of airtime at 3 in the morning to talk about how awful the Register is and get some coverage.

One positive on the editorial side of today's Register, though: They're finally getting back to talking about the importance of government oversight. It's about time.

I had been wondering how Culver and Blouin were going to coexist: I guess now I know.

I think it's possible that Sinclair and KDSM are enjoying the level of free publicity they're getting by being in the Register every day now that they're no longer on cable. They got another story in the Register today by refusing to go to arbitration.

I'm sick of this problem, so I'm making this my last word on it. I don't have an antenna and I don't plan to get one. I would watch several Fox shows if they were available to me, but they're not so I'll live without them. And this is the last time I'm going to mention Sinclair or KDSM in this space until they're back on cable. I'd like to take this opportunity to challenge other media outlets to do the same. If you want this story to end, let it die.

Finally, I'm not entirely sure on the meaning of this post from Iowa Ennui, but I think it's worth pointing out.



Dr. Chan Phd,MD,PDA said...

"Inspectors general are the watchdogs of government, but some in government don't like that."

What a surprise. I think it's just a little scary that they wanted to eliminate the position of Iraqi inspector general though. The functionality of a democracy depends on corruption being put to the curb. It really shows where those particular congressmen loyalties are placed. They seem more interested in serving themselves then their country. Or perhaps they believe they are doing some sort of good by removing the office of the inspector general. Still scares the crap out of me either which way.

Anyway you have good blog and some equally interesting insights. I also like the post about your dachshund. Drop by my blog sometime and tell me what you think I hope to hear from you.

bacon said...

"I had been wondering how Culver and Blouin were going to coexist: I guess now I know."

This is the One Iowa that Chet keeps talking about.

Anonymous said...

Iowa Ennui is participating in a weekly blog ritual...f**k you friday posts...