Thursday, January 04, 2007

READS: Thursday, January 4 is...

Independence Day (Burma)
St. Andrew of Corsini, the patron saint of mediators.

Earlier this week, when the caucus concert idea was announced, I sat down with an idea. I'd write a post suggesting we go forward with the idea, but only if candidates themselves were willing to do the concert and call it "Caucus Idol." Over a period of several hours, I adapted songs for each of seven candidates to sing, and I was deep in thought over it when Laura came to look over my shoulder. I explained the concept to her and she read what I had so far.

"This isn't very funny," she said. Then came the crushing blow. "You should stop trying to be Todd Dorman."

So I dropped the project. Similarly, this morning I feel like there's a joke about mediators hanging out there somewhere, but I can't find it, so I'm letting it go.

On to the reads:

There are so many low roads I could take with a story about child-proofing Terrace Hill for the Culvers that I'm not even going to bother. Read it, make your own joke, post it in the comments if you feel it's exceptionally clever.

On a serious note, I've worked both with and against John Hedgecoth, and I know him to be a great person with tremendous intelligence and a wealth of policy experience. I could care less how he drives or pays his taxes, and you shouldn't care either.

That's all I've got for now. I've got a fair portion of the day free today, so I may be back later.



Anonymous said...

"I could care less how he drives or pays his taxes, and you shouldn't care either."

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read on this blog.

This isn't even about whether he's a good driver or not. It's about integrity and responsibility. Someone with such obvious problems taking responsibility in his personal life has no place in governing others. One or two of those problems, quickly and responsibly addressed, OK, I can deal with that. Dozens of unpaid traffic fines, Driving while suspended, Suspended by the Iowa State Bar for ignoring them, and delinquent tax payments are just too much. I'd say that if he was a Republican aide. Culver's abilities are viewed skeptically in a lot of circles. Having this clown around advising him is just too much.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this gem:

What a turd.

Joe said...

I have to disagree with you about Hedgecoth.

Lawyers and CPAs can get in a lot of trouble if they don't pay their taxes. If you are assuming responsibility of helping others comply with the law, it only makes sense that you demonstrate that you also comply. If it's important for me to comply because I help people follow the law, its much more important that the lawmakers themselves be law-abiding.

When you have an important role in writing the laws for others to comply with, you have to be willing to live within the laws yourself. No matter how good-hearted and hard working you are, if you can't live within the law, you have no business making laws for everyone else. To do otherwise shows disdain for the process and the governed.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with John. He's a good guy, but even I don't get all the speeding tickets. Like John, I am also an attorney, and like a poster said, you can get in trouble with the bar over tax issues. Lots of people file taxes late or owe money, the thing is attorneys can do neither. We have to file on time and if we owe, be in a repayment plan. I had a friend with overdue student loans get denied admission to the Kentucky Bar until he was in a current repayment plan. A little nitpickey