Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some people don't get it.

A few of you have my IM name, and a few more of you chat with me via Gmail, and 99% of my friends are good about not wasting my time when I'm at work. I have one friend, however, that needs a quick wake up call, so I'll post a conversation from today here.

This conversation, for the record, happened this afternoon:

tiffdogisin (1:39:47 PM): guess what
TheEvilKL (1:39:54 PM): I'm still at work?
tiffdogisin (1:40:06 PM): lesley si getting a dog
TheEvilKL (1:40:18 PM): you bothered me at work for that?
tiffdogisin (1:40:23 PM): no but guess what kind
TheEvilKL (1:40:34 PM): this had better be good...
tiffdogisin (1:41:02 PM): well u had a dog once
TheEvilKL (1:41:12 PM): is Lesley getting a weiner dog?
tiffdogisin (1:41:16 PM): maybe
TheEvilKL (1:41:32 PM): And what about this news was so urgent it couldn't wait til I was home?
tiffdogisin (1:41:37 PM): i dont know
tiffdogisin (1:41:40 PM): i thought you'd be bored at work
TheEvilKL (1:41:46 PM): No, I work at work.
tiffdogisin (1:41:51 PM): oh
tiffdogisin (1:41:55 PM): most people don't do that.
TheEvilKL (1:41:57 PM): I have a press conference in 45 minutes.
tiffdogisin (1:42:02 PM): you better git
TheEvilKL (1:42:05 PM): Yeah.
TheEvilKL (1:42:08 PM): bye

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Chelsea said...

So what kind of dog is Lesley getting?