Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chris Woods rings?

Chris over at Political Forecast asked for my response to his news that the IECDB is investigating Jim Nussle. As you may recall, I was a bit skeptical in the past.

And I still am. People who have focused on politics for longer than I have often fall into this hole. This isn't "doing something," this is "investigating." This is the IECDB saying "I'll look." When they do something, then I'll take back what I said.

On another note, if I worked for Blouin (thankfully, I don't), I'd be pissed about this Radio Iowa story. Some highlights:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Blouin says he'll reveal details later, but is promising to raise teacher pay and enact changes that would begin a transformation of Iowa's K-through-12 schools.

Blouin says Iowa teacher salaries lag behind most other states and he's act to boost teacher pay, although he's not prepared to say by how much or what ranking he believes Iowa teacher salaries should achieve.

He also makes the general proposition that technology should be a greater part of student coursework, although he doesn't yet spell out how to accomplish that goal.

The headline should be: Mike Blouin comes out in favor of unnamed education changes.


Chris Woods said...

If you're right about their inability to be effective, the fact that they took a month, at least, to vote on something like this is really going to infuriate me. For now I'll be optimistic and just knock on wood.

Anonymous said...

Why would Blouin be pissed? He essentially said nothing under the guise of coming out with a plan and got press for it.