Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And in back to back articles, no less: Thoughts on a Tuesday

The QC Times provides two great timekillers today.

First, they produce the full list of Touchplay revenues in the Quad Cities area, which also apparently includes Clinton (the Quint Cities?). Don't try to slog through all of it, just scroll down to the second one from the bottom:

In Walcott, the Iowa 80 Truck Stop has seen $594,738 in bets, paying out $288,013, and has kept $306,725.

I'm beyond amazed, and almost a little shocked that I haven't seen this trotted out during the Touchplay debate. Even I'll grudgingly admit, given its location right along the interstate and proximity to Illinois, that this could be defined as $300,000 in tourism revenue.

But if that's too deep for you, you can go to the next story down and read about The Bulgarian Librarian. Nowhere does it mention that her new state is agrarian, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's a registered Libertarian.


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