Thursday, March 02, 2006

Meta Blogging: Was it all just a dream?

My blog and many others have commented about how much we would/have/do miss State 29, then a strange thing occured this week:

Drew Miller told us State 29 was back. Back Back, Back from their magical journey.

But before I could ask what they had seen in the parallel dimension, I read some of the new stuff. It was terrible. The first post back said the new main author wasn't going to comment on blogs (cause most of them suck) and wouldn't endorse candidates anymore. That's not the way to make friends. Then he went off on some lopsided rants. Closer to the State 29 we remember, but the writing was still pretty atrocious.

Now, it's gone again. Which means one of three things happened:

A) The new author (AKA Cranky Guy) just wasn't as good without editing.
B) The blogosphere adapted at a previously unheard of rate. New blogs (Bacon, anyone?) stepped in to fill the non-partisan slack in a friendlier, less confrontational way, and when State 29 returned, we didn't need it anymore.
C) I imagined the whole thing.

Moving on...

Got this email today from a reader:

I like your blog! I’ve linked it to my own, was hoping you might do the same,

Lying Around Iowa

I only respond to e-mails like this when the blog attached is good, usually. This one is. We're only two posts in, but so far content is solid. It's in the list on your right.

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